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The Move

Let's start a while ago...Joe and I have been married for 14 years. Over the years, we have discussed moving out of the city of Denver for the past 10 or so. Prior to that we were overseas. Once a year, the conversation would start of we really should follow that dream we talked about when we got married. Move to a rural town in Colorado. Be a part of the community and change the way our kids grow up. Make it similar to how we grew up.

Late winter/early Spring of 2021, Covid restrictions are becoming less, but still very much present. Both of us had been working non-stop. I had just started at a new job in November and Joe had recently taken a leadership position in his. Joe is in the medical field and I am a certified public accountant who does the accounting and financials for an consulting company. We were tired. Too much time inside the same four walls as well. The conversations started what if we moved closer to family and have a different life. That conversation was all it took...Joe got the job and we moved to Hotchkiss, Colorado in July 2021. A small rural town on the western slope of Colorado.

Leave the craziness of the city and move towards a more enjoyable and calmer life.

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