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Every farmgirl needs boots.

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Arriving in July, it was extremely hot and dry. Frequent 100 degree days where you lock yourselves inside to be able to withstand the heat mid-day. With kids, this seems to be when screen time appears.

August hits and it turns into monsoon season with rains downpouring for a few days straight. Road closures due to flash floods and mudslides on burn scars. Hail that gathers and looks like snow piles. And working up to white tipped peaks with real snow! What a change! With this comes a good amount of mud. The dobie hills turn to a sticky muck that will not come off your shoes.

What is the next purchase to keep things moving on the Jonestead...muck boots! And of course the 3 year old has the most fashionable set (eyeroll).

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