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A Dream Renovation

When we bought this house, I'll be honest, I was not onboard. The house was not what I would have selected as my forever home. The pictures online did not quite do the property justice (probably why it sat for over a year in a crazy market). The outside of 6 acres seemed an overwhelming task. With both of us working full-time, it just seemed like a lot to take on.

The house is a ranch with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. At one point there may have been a fourth bedroom that had been removed. Everything was painted blue including the kitchen cabinets in a past life. The floor tile was blue and each bedroom had a different carpet color (gray, blue, maroon). Now these are cosmetic and don't necessarily bother me. However, the layout is another story.

We have 3 kids and the girls have shared a bedroom since our youngest was born. Our oldest just entered middle school, so having 4 bedrooms was an important piece of our move. There are 8 years in between our girls. If they were closer in age, we would have them continue sharing as their relationship is amazing!

The other odd piece to the house is (again in a past life), there was a circle drive to the house and the front door was in a great spot. However, that was replaced by a leech field and large front yard, so the front door is no longer used as the front door. Hence the overwhelm...we are flipping the layout. The side door is now used as the front door. This door will now become the front door and will enter into the kitchen and living room. The bedrooms will be pushed to the back of the house.

The other piece we want to change is to make it warm and inviting instead of cold. The pictures I took above are not too bad, but the space is not warm. It is done in blues and as soon as the sun goes down or is covered by clouds, the inside becomes a cold and sterile area. Part of the plan is no more moves at least until the kids get older and decide where they will live. The kids need a home to come to that they can play outside for ours, relish the stars, explore the property, and hit the pillow after a long day knowing they are safe and loved.

Cheers to a successful beginning of the rennovation!

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